Rea balance disc

Rea balance disc


Balancing Disc for home workouts

REA Balance Disc can be used in multiple ways. When used as a sitting cushion it:

  •  strengthens your core and back muscles.

  • Relieves long term back pain and shoulder aches.

  • Improves posture, balance and sensory modulations.

REA Balance Disc workouts target a number of muscle groups:

  •  Upper and lower back

  • Abs and core

  • Torso and Arms

  • Legs and Gluts

REA Balance Disc is a combination of two surfaces: Large spiky dimples on one side for relaxing foot massages and very small dimples on the reverse side to act as a wobble seat cushion for your chair and great replacement for ball chair seats.

 REA Balance Disc is easy to inflate as it comes with a smart pump. You choose the inflation level that's right.

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