Oxygen Concentrator OLV-5S
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Oxygen Concentrator OLV-5S

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OLV-5S oxygen concentrator 5 litres

OLV-5S oxygen concentrator 5 litres

Oxygen concentrators are used to address the low oxygen content in the blood. Their operation is simple and yet very safe, since virtually collect oxygen from the ambient air to provide a richer air-oxygen mixture to the user via a connecting tube. The technique of rapid adsorbent using these particular devices to isolate the oxygen molecules is very effective making their operation very economical. This home oxygen concentrator offers you safe and conveninet life with sustained oxygen supply.
You can use it at home the smart function works very well for your homecare life.

Technical Specs:

  • 24h Continuous operation
  • Certified Medical Device
  • Output pressure: 20kPa~60kPa
  • Oxygen concentration: ≥93% - ±3%
  • Oxygen flow rate: 1-5L/min
  • Sound Level: less than 45db
  • Size: 35*25*67cm

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