Massage Gun
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Massage Gun

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  •  20 levels of speed intensity
  • Quiet/ brushless motor
  • Intelligent gear adjustment
  • Digital display
  • Touch button
  • 6 massage heads
  • 4 hours of battery life
  • Travel backpack & protective case

Massage gun therapy:

Shoulder muscles 15-20s x 3 times

Chest muscles 30s x 1 time

Back muscles 30s-1min x 3 times

Hip muscles 30s-1min x 4 times

Leg muscles 20-30s x 3 times

Massage heads:

  • Ball head- suitable for large muscle groups
  • U-shaped head- suitable for spinal massage
  • Small round head- suitable for joint
  • Small Flat head- suitable for whole body relaxation
  • Flat head- for all muscle parts
  • Finger head- for all muscle parts- relax, shape

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