Wall mounted Diagnostic set

Wall mounted Diagnostic set


ri-former® Diagnostic Station

ri-former® is a modular system offering up to 5 instrument-handles, with specula-dispenser, blood-pressure devices and thermometers. The ri-former diagnostic station is available as a wall-mount or mobile and is connected to the power circuit and therefore independent of batteries. Models with 230 V are supplied with 24-hour clock display, 120 V models with 12-hour display.

  • High-performance ri-scope L instruments with renowned optics and advanced lighting
  • Maintenance free LED technology with 3 year warranty
  • ri-spec®, specula dispenser
  • big-ben®, aneroid BPM
  • ri-medic®, automated BPM
  • ri-thermo®, infra-red ear-thermometer
  • Predictive-temp RPT-100, oral/axillary/rectal thermometry

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