DISINFog Fog Disinfection Machine

DISINFog Fog Disinfection Machine


DISINFog Fog Disinfection Machine

The DISINFOG (fog disinfection machine) offers reliable and complete disinfection of spaces, surfaces and air particles thanks to its properties, where it can penetrate even the most difficult places without leaving any liquid droplets behind. It is safe and easy to use.

The sprayer uses nano-dispersion technology and nano-air catalyst to decompose formaldehyde in the room or the car. It is rich in natural chlorophyllol and can kill 99.9% of bacteria in the room or car. It is harmless to the human body, safe and convenient. 

360°PROTECT: 360° without dead corners can effectively and comprehensively kill the room or the space that other conventional tools such as air conditioners and under carpets cannot be cleaned and neglected, making it more convenient for you to use. 

TIMING: The aerosol atomizer uses 900W head power, a powerful oil pump with a heating core voltage stabilization control system, strong smoke, and good effects. 

WEIGHT: The sprayer has the advantages of light weight and wide use, and is very suitable for indoor general spraying

Technical Parameters

·         Power: 900 W

·         Voltage: AC 110/220V @ 50/60Hz

·         Container capacity: 100 ml

·         Preheating time: 3 minutes

·         Covers an Area up to: 100m2

·         Packing size: 37 * 24 * 37cm

·         Weight: 3 kg

·         Built In Power Cord 

·         Visible Fluid Level for Direct Control Of Fog Machine

·         Pvc Shell Body Mini, Portable, Easy To Carry And Use

  •  The disinfecting fluid is not included with the fog machine

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