BIONETTE Rhinitis Allergy

BIONETTE Rhinitis Allergy


Bionette is a revolutionary medical device which delivers relief from pet allergies, hay fever and allergic rhinitis symptoms. 

Bionette is a revolutionary medical device which delivers relief from pet allergies, hay fever and allergic rhinitis symptoms. Using low-level narrow band red light technology this anti-inflammatory, intra-nasal medical device effectively relieves allergy symptoms such as sneezing, itching, runny or stuffed nose, headache and teary eyes.

Bionette is clinically proven, drug free, side-effect free, small and lightweight, easy to use. Bionette should be used for 4.5 minutes two to three times a day upon the first appearance of hay fever symptoms.

Bionette’s red light phototherapy technology is clinically proven in studies of over 500 patients. Check out these studies below:

Comparative Study in the management of allergic rhinitis in children using LED phototherapy and laser acupuncture.

Pollen challenge study of a phototherapy device for reducing the symptoms of hay fever.

Narrow-band red light phototherapy in perennial allergic rhinitis and nasal polyposis.

The average cost of medications per hay fever season is similar to cost of Bionette. Bionette is a one-time purchase that lasts you for years. Bionette is your drug-free, side-effect free long-term solution.

• Bionette can be used seasonally to treat seasonal allergies or every day, all year round, to treat non-seasonal nasal allergies.

• Recommended frequency of use is two to three times a day.

• Safe for children 6 years and older

How to use BIONETTE device:

1. To use Bionette just squeeze it to turn on and place the lighted ends into your nostrils so it stays comfortably. It will stay in place by itself. Do not remove clear plastic prong protectors.

2. Gently squeeze the device on the widest part of its base. This will cause the light rods to separate and light up.

3. Place the light rods so that each rod enters one of your nostrils. You should experience no discomfort at all. Most users find that the device is stable and comfortable enough to allow other activities during the treatment.

4. The treatment is complete when the light turns off. Treatment time is 4.5 minutes.

5. When the treatment is complete, withdraw the device from your nostrils and gently wipe down the light rods with a clean cloth. Store the device in its secure plastic case when not in use. You may clean the device with mild soap and water. Allow to air dry.

6.If you happen to turn the device back on while withdrawing the device from your nose, there is no manual off-switch. Bionette works on a timer. Simply set it aside and it will automatically turn off after 4.5 minutes.

Usage Frequency

In order to experience a symptom-free allergy season, start treatments before your allergies start.

Use three times per day (morning, mid-day and evening) when you start treatments. Reduce treatments to twice daily when symptoms improve.

Bionette is safe to use everyday, all year round, to treat non-seasonal nasal allergies.


• Do not immerse the device in water.

• Do not place in dishwasher.

• Never look directly into the light source.

• Never place broken or cracked rods into your nose.

• Use only quality CR2032 batteries in Bionette.

Bionette Q&A

Can children use Bionette?

Yes, children 6 years and older can use Bionette. Parental supervision is recommended for children as you should not look directly at the light source.

Can I share my Bionette?

For sanitary reasons we recommend that everyone uses their own Bionette and does not share with other people.

Do you have studies that show the effectiveness of Bionette?

There are many studies showing the effectiveness of Phototherapy.View clinical studies.

Does Bionette conform with Health regulations?

Bionette is a Class 2 license medical device

How do I change the batteries?

On the base of the Bionette you will see a CE followed by a number and an arrow. If you lift the end where the arrow is, the battery compartment will pop out and you can place the new batteries in. The battery compartment is quite stiff and the first time you have to change the batteries you may have to lift with some force. After the initial change of the batteries the compartment will easier to open.

How do I clean my Bionette?

You can clean your Bionette by using either an alcohol swab or soap and water on the prongs.

How do I shut my Bionette off once I turn it on?

Bionette works on a timer. Once you turn the lights on, there is no way to shut them off. You will have to wait until the timer is complete and the unit will shut off automatically.

How long does a treatment last?

A treatment lasts 4.5 minutes.

Is Red light harmful?

Red light is not harmful. Research has identified it as beneficial for treating a variety of medical conditions. You should not look directly at the light source. Take a look at the science!.

Is there a warranty on Bionette?

Yes Bionette has a 2 year warranty

My Bionette is flashing and I don’t know why.

If the light is flashing, it is because the batteries are too weak to stay on. Please change the batteries.

My Bionette won’t light up, why?

The batteries may need to be replaced or they have been placed incorrectly into the unit. If changing the batteries does not resolve the problem the unit by be faulty or the light source may be broken (was the unit dropped?)

The prongs have plastic covers on them, do I need to leave the covers on or remove them?

The plastic tubes should remain on the prongs for protection of the light source and also for comfort

What are the side effects of Bionette?

Bionette has no known side effects.

What is the wave length of the light?

Bionette Narrow band 630 nm light.

What type of batteries does Bionette use?

Bionette uses 2 lithium CR2032 (3V) batteries.

What type of light source does Bionette use?

Bionette uses LED lights.

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